April 25, 2012

"Will You Be My Girlfriend?"

Remember the simple passing of love notes in grade school? The nervously handwritten "check YES or NO" boxes that left us in suspense? Apparently the love letters from our day were weak-sauce. The new generation of pint-sized Casanovas are stepping it up a notch. And I have evidence.

My friend, Matt, sent me a copy of a love letter he found in his daughter's room. Properly crumpled, I imagine the spunky, red-headed Delaney smashed it into a ball, too embarrassed to show her friends. Too flattered to throw it away.

Upon finding the letter, Matt had two things to share:
1. Delaney is way too young to have a boyfriend.
2. Gary's got GAME.
Here's how the love note reads:

TO: Delaney
Will you be my girlfriend circle yes or no. Ten reasons I love you, #1 because your pretty, #2 because your smart, #3 because you like sports and I like sports, #4 because you have freckles and I like smart girls with freckles, #5 because you have red hair, my favorite color is red, #6 because you don't like writing that much and neither do I, #7 you have cool shoes, #8 because you like Harry Potter books and so do I, #9 because you like reading math and so do I, #10 you are the best girlfriend to have in the whole entire WORLD!!!
                                                           Sincere, Gary

How cute is that?! I would have loved/hated a letter like that in elementary school! Way to go, Gary!

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