February 14, 2012

14 Days of VALENTINES - DAY 14!!!



Because my husband and I have been going on daily dates for the 14 Days of Valentines, today's Valentine's Day has been filled with a lot less pressure than ever before. We managed to keep our celebrations simple and on a nearly-free budget. However, I did spend nearly FIVE DOLLARS for a card this year (since when did cards cost so much???).

Did you know that one billion Valentine cards are bought every year? 85% are purchased by women.

By the sight of the store aisles overly-stocked with flowers and balloons, I couldn't help but wonder if more people are opting against the traditional Valentine gifts. After all, a recent survey from the popular matchmaking service It's Just Lunch ranked women's most preferred Valentine's Day gifts (I must admit, I was happy to see that good dates ranked at the top!):

              *38% want a certificate for an activity to enjoy together
              *30% of women thought flowers were the best Valentine's Day gift
              *5.2% want chocolate
              *1.6% want lingerie 

"Women want to be able to share an experience with a potential partner. Flowers are always a thoughtful gift, but an experience two people can share together helps build a foundation for future dates." - Irene LaCota, It's Just Lunch spokesperson

For Valentine's Day, we spent the evening as we do most Tuesdays - with a group of teenagers. I decorated cookies and made heart-shaped cards with the girls while my husband worked with the Boy Scouts. 
Afterward, my husband and I stopped by the nearby roller skating rink. I have to admit, I haven't been as excited to be in a roller rink since I was in the eighth grade, begging to spend nearly every Friday night skating around the local rink, hoping a cute boy would notice me when the "couples skate" sign lit. These days, the same activities that seemed ideal for childhood birthday parties seem perfect for a date. Okay, so maybe not all childhood party ideas (Clowns and magicians? Eek.). I mean those activities like roller skating, ice skating, and even bowling. The prices are usually fairly reasonable and often there are hours set aside for adults.

Happy Valentine's Day - and happy dating!

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