January 31, 2012

Valentine Date Ideas

Occasionally people ask me to offer some creative date ideas or they wonder, "Is there a source for great date ideas around?" While there are some sites that claim to have great date ideas, I haven't found one I feel wholly comfortable recommending. Mostly because those sites always give spendy ideas that make dating sound like a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and I tend to come from the belief that we should try to date more often (Yes, even those of you who are married. Get off the couch and GO OUT!).

Dating doesn't have to be overwhelming. Typically there needs to be some element of "newness." So if you're with someone new, the adventure doesn't always need to be as difficult to find. But if you've been coupled for a while, it might be a bit more challenging to find something new to do. It's important to try to do something different because frankly, our brains and bodies need the newness to keep our interests alive.
There are two different chemicals that boost when our interests pique: dopamine and adrenaline. Those are the chemicals triggered when we meet someone new, gain interest, and become hooked. In fact, our brains look chemically the same when we're in love as they look when someone is high on COCAINE. It's true! Thus, the reason we become so attached and simply can't get enough of a person when we fall hard (not to mention the agonizing pain we feel if they were to leave!).
But a relationship doesn't need to be brand new to feel that "love high." When we hit that point in our relationships where life seems a bit too repetitive and filled with reoccurring nights on the couch, we can always boost our brains by simply doing something different. 
Over the next two weeks, I'm doing something that might inspire you to go out on a few dates, meet someone new, or maybe help remind you to reach out to old friends.

Starting tomorrow, in the spirit of 31 Dates in 31 Days, I'm kicking off  

Akin to the "12 Days of Christmas" I want to spend the next 14 days offering fun and affordable date ideas that most of us can do, no matter where we live. I'm going to do my best to go on many of these dates with my husband, in spite of our horribly busy schedule. I guess I should tell him about all this...

Care to join me in the challenge?

When it comes to relationships and dating, simplicity is key. What simple acts can you do over the next 14 days to get into the groove of love, dating, romance, or whatever could use a boost in your life? Could you write a card to a friend every day? Ask someone out on a date? Be a volunteer?
Can't wait to get started. These next two weeks will be BUSY!

Also, if you're looking for a great Valentine's Day gift for your friends, don't forget about buying the book, 31 Dates in 31 Days! Still available for just around $10.


Anna said...

I am going to do these with a friend, because good friends are hard to find!

Anonymous said...

Your husband might want to know which, if any, of your 31 dates rules will you be following for these next 14 dates?

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