December 8, 2011

Can Men and Women Be Friends?

Filmmakers Jesse Budd and Patrick Romero think they've found the answer to that tricky question: Can men and women be friends?

Today I'm asking you: Can men and women be friends? I have a poll posted on the blogsite, so please weigh in. If you're in the mood to comment, let me know why you think men and women can or can't be friends.
And if you can't come up with any good reasons for your answer, maybe this will help...


Unknown said...

I am going to answer no to that question. The clip from When Harry Met Sally kinda gets to the point, but I'll consider the question from an LDS perspective. When a man and a woman spend time together in group settings such as Church services, parties, classes, etc., and eventually get to know each other a little better, the guy will have discovered some things about her that he finds attractive to him. It does not necessarily need to be physical appearance. It can be that they share a common interest, or way of thinking, or whatever. The point is that there's something about her that's attractive to him, so he's interested.

The thing is, they spend so much time "hanging out" together (because that's what friends do), she may not feel the same way about him.

Now, imagine his disappointment when he finally goes up to her and asks her out on a date, only to hear her reply, "I think I just want us to be friends," or something like that.

Even if he accepts that definition of the relationship as "just friends," there will always be a lingering desire to take the relationship further. He still wants his "girl friend" to be his girlfriend.

I've heard many married people say that they married their best friend, so I think it's no surprise to see many guys build the friendship first before asking the girls out on a date. Whether that's the right way to go about it depends on the people involved.

In short, both videos hit the nail on the head in response to that question.

Anna said...

Well, I agree to that they can but only if one of them is married and they are never alone without the wife.

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