November 11, 2010

Thursday Thanks

Okay, friends! Let's continue our adventure into our month of feeling a little more gratitude. Is there anything in your life making you a little more grateful today?

Here are my Thursday Thanks, just to get us started for the day:

*Thank goodness for webcams, Skype, and good friends who stay close no matter how many miles are in between us.

*Good chats with girl friends.

*The new movies coming out this season. So far I'm liking The Social Network, Made in Dagenham, and 127 Hours. And I can't wait to see Morning Glory, which might end up feeling less like a movie and more like a documentary on my former sleepless life in network morning news.

*I'm grateful for hot chocolate and leftover Halloween candy.

*Somehow, I've been able to stop looking at the Facebook pages that somehow end up making me feel bad about myself. So that's good.

*And I'm grateful for the people who delight in the changing color of Fall leaves! I miss them so dearly. Fall foliage is seriously on my list of top three things about being alive, so I'm so grateful for the people who describe the joy of those colors so vividly. Last week, one person mentioned that the leaves reminded them of the 5 Life Savors colors. How wonderful! The description itself makes me giddy!

What's making you feel grateful today?


Malia said...

Tam you're awesome! No leaves changing colors here.... unless the burning of the sugar cane counts... from green and brown to black... does that count? :)

Sara Sue said...

Viva la Gratitude List!

Michal said...

Just did a blog post and linked to you about my Thursday Thanks. Today I'm grateful for the people who help and support me in raising my kids. It does indeed take a village:)

Michal said...

PS hoping we have some fall color for you when you're here. It's not New England, but it's better than LA:)

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