November 4, 2010

Thursday Thanks

It's time for an attitude adjustment.

Admittedly, I've been feeling a bit surly lately.
It's not a good look for me.

In my search for a secret potion to change my attitude, I keep coming back to one essential item that could strengthen my relationships, reduce my stress, and maybe even help me improve my focus. That secret potion? Gratitude.

How can gratitude help you?
*It reduces negativity
*strengthens your relationships
*helps you get what you want
*helps you keep what you have
*improves sleep
*increases energy and helps immune systems
...just to name a few.

You tell me. How can having a little more gratitude help you?

Yesterday one of my dearest friends that I've known since childhood sent me an email. Her husband had not only just lost a local election this week, he had also recently lost his job. She knew that, while their family was facing a challenging time, that they were also in a time of transition and would eventually be blessed with the silver lining. I was so impressed with her positive outlook, especially during such tough economic times.

For the month of November, I'm declaring Thursdays as the day to focus on gratitude. Maybe this will make Thanksgiving be even more exciting at the end of the month (although I can't imagine much making Thanksgiving better than yummy pumpkin/pecan pie).

A few years ago, a small group of friends started a little tradition. Once a week, we would email the group a Gratitude List, where we would share the details of our lives that made us smile. Some weeks were easier to come up with lists than others. But we still stuck to the idea, focusing on the blessings even in the midst of pitfalls. Will you be part of my Gratitude Group for the month?

Every Thursday, take a few minutes to write down a few things that make you most grateful. I realize that some days you will feel as if you're pulling at strings, but just try it. See if it adds to your overall attitude. Count your smiles, your warm fuzzies, or just those moments you don't want to pull out your hair. Feel free to leave your list here. Feel free to be anonymous. But at least give it a shot and see how it goes.

To get us started, here are a few things that I'm most grateful for today:
1. a place to call home
2. friends who keep in touch and keep me grounded
3. a husband who cooks
4. creative outlets
and 5... this fantastic photo that a friend posted on his Facebook page. Check out Google's second suggestion to his query:

Good luck this month!


Anonymous said...

I watched a man struggle up the stairs from the 4,5,6 at grand central. I'm grateful that I can walk as fast as I want and that I can see and hear and speak.
Colin Wheeler

Anonymous said...

I am grateful for sunshine! I love how good it feels after leaving a freezing office. I'm also grateful for living only a 10 min. walk to work

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful to be alive.
I'm grateful to have a wonderful husband.
I'm grateful for healthy kids.

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful to live in a place where the fall colors make going up the driveway like driving through a roll of 5 flavor lifesavers.

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for the kids I teach who I can always count on to love math as much as I do.

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for my pets, family and the roof over my head...the simple things

Whitney said...

Tamara -- Thanks for your words of encouragement to Natalie Holloway on Buttoned Up Style. I am grateful for busy, busy people like yourself who take a moment to support others!

And congratulations on your upcoming book!

Anonymous said...

It's Tuesday-- can I still be grateful?:) I'm thankful for a clean house and sleeping children, for fresh fruits and vegetables, for warm sweaters and tall boots. I'm thankful for giggles and cuddles and chocolate. And you are right-- just taking a minute to consider what I'm grateful for fills me up with happiness and warmth.

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