September 4, 2010

Living Together: Does it Affect Your Chances of Marriage?

A new report from the National Center of Health Statistics says that couples who live together have about the same chance of creating a successful marriage as those who don't live together. This is contrary to findings from years ago, which said that living together greatly increased your chances of divorce (or it led to a breakup before marriage was even proposed).

Earlier this year, the Pew Research polled Americans to see how they generally felt about couples who lived together without getting married. While 38% of Americans believe cohabitation has a bad effect on our society, 50% believe it has no effect at all.

What do you think?
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source: USA Today


Anonymous said...

This is an interesting study. I wonder if the researchers had done it in different geographies if the results would have been the same.

I would believe the success of the relationship has more to do with the intent of the people in it than the specific actions when considered with a long term view.

Michal said...

I, too, wonder about the sample and survey used here. I have read several studies in the past that state the contrary. Studies like this can be so easily influenced by the sample chosen, the methods used, etc.

Personally, I think that couples should stick to old-fashioned values. Dating, engagement, wedding, then moving in together and having a family. Willingness to do this without a "test run" of cohabitation might demonstrate a willingness to commit to your partner more wholeheartedly, rather than making sure that their little daily habits and idiosyncracies aren't deal breakers.

Martin said...

What were there parameters for the study? Just teasing, like USA today is going to give you metrics.

What I have noticed is that not asking any women out on dates has had a megative effect on my love life. :)

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