August 6, 2010

Great Free Date(s)

The first weekend of the month has become one of my most favorites. That's because we've managed to sneak in some great dates, and you can too!

These are all courtesy of the Bank of America "Museums on Us" Program. Every first weekend of the month, you can use your Bank of America credit or debit card to get into more than 100 venues around the country for FREE. In the last year, we've hit up several spots, including the Intrepid in NYC, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Bronx Zoo, The NY Aquarium in Coney Island, and LACMA in Los Angeles.

Here's a link to the listing of all the sites around the country you can visit through their program. Let me know which places you end up visiting!


Anonymous said...

In North carolina there is free nights at the Nasher museum. Now if only I was brave enough to ask someone out.

Evan said...

I think the Intrepid was my favorite of the freebies we did in NYC. The Bronx Zoo is a close second.

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