August 23, 2010

Do You Doodle Like You Date?

I don't really doodle anymore. When I was in seventh grade I would draw squiggly arrows and hearts on my papers. I'd practice writing my name in cursive, replacing my last name with that of whomever I had a crush on at the time.
Now my every-so-often little drawings are a little different-looking than those I used to draw, but it's still doodling. I still like to draw arrows or just take little notes in random corners of the paper. Or I draw stars. It varies.
The other day as I wrote little notes and stars on my paper, I couldn't help but wonder when/how my doodles changed so much. And what exactly do those doodles (or lack thereof) say about me? Is doodling wasting my time? Helping fuel my creative flow?

Apparently the word "doodle" was originally used in the early 1600s, meaning a "fool" or "simpleton." In fact the song, "Yankee Doodle" was originally a pre-Revolutionary War song written by the Brits who mocked disorganized Americans. (btw, the "macaroni" in the song is in reference to a silly, tall, powdered wig worn in those days, which was seen as - understandably - foolish.)

Some scientists claim doodling isn't a sign of foolishness at all. Universities have funded studies that reveal doodling helps with memory. Many artists claim doodling is a must in finding your way toward your next creation. Some people say their doodling helps them focus and can even relieve stress (which can be validated from anyone who's had to sit through meetings!).

There are even "doodle experts" who claim to understand the meaning of different doodles. In fact, these experts say where you doodle on the page says a lot about your needs. Check out the list below and see where you fit in. Do these theories ring true with you? Could your doodles reveal anything about you and your love life?

Middle of the page: someone who needs a lot of attention

Top of the page: this person has an abundant confidence level; energetic, free-spirit

Next to the title of the page:
have an urge to share something; needs to be heard

Left side of the page:
has feelings of nostalgia, doesn't want to forget the past

Right side of the page: need to express oneself

Bottom of the page: someone practical, unobtrusive, might have self-doubt

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