May 6, 2010

Make it Last

I saw this lil' article with stories from married couples who give advice on how they've made their marriage stick.

Over the years I've had the opportunity to interview lots and lots of people. One of my favorite questions to ask the long-lasting couples, "What's your secret to staying together?" My favorite response was from Don Cheadle, who's been with his girlfriend Bridgid since 1997. They have two kids together. He told me, "Neither one of us wants to leave at the same time."

What's your secret to lasting love?

1 comment:

Michal said...

ooh, I'm glad to see you posting again, even if I'm slow to check my reader:)

my secrets?

1. date night. strive for once a week.
2. take time to connect each day. if possible, check in at least once during the day with a text, a love note, a phone call, or having lunch together. either way, take time before bed to share and debrief each other. we also pray together before bed.
3. don't keep score. you should each give 100% without wasting energy calculating if it's all fair. incidentally, sometimes his 100% is more than mine and vice versa.

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